Golden eggs~ Super egg blend


Introducing our Eggstravaganza Blend, a premium concoction meticulously crafted to enhance the nutritional value and vibrant color of your eggs. Packed with an array of top-quality ingredients including pumpkin seeds, black oil sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, rose hips, beet powder, ginger, brewer's yeast, fennel seeds, kelp, and an assortment of herbs, this blend ensures that your flock produces eggs that are not only incredibly nutritious but also boast a delightful golden hue. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide essential nutrients, promote egg quality, and support the overall health of your hens. Elevate your eggs to a new level of excellence with our Eggstravaganza Blend, offering your flock a delicious and nutritious dietary supplement for eggs that truly stand out. It is especially good for chickens that are not able to free range. Free shipping via USPS.