Respiratory support blend


Support for respiratory health

Last summer has been so brutal in Colorado, extreme heat, drought, and now fires that cloud the skies with smoke and ash. I needed to make a blend to support the hens respiratory health. And since I've had many requests for a respiratory blend I've put it up for sale :)

Contains the following along with other beneficial herbs:

Helps to flush out toxins, blood cleanser, helpful for adjusting to season change​
Raspberry​ Excellent for diarrhea and upper respiratory conditions.​

Dill so your chickens can breathe easy, this super herb assists with the respiratory health of your flock.


Fennel contains a mix of antioxidants, antimicrobial components and anti-inflammatory volatile oils

This blend can be made into tea or sprinkled around the coop or in nest boxes

1/4 LB

You can also add Apple Cider vinegar to their water, or a teaspoon of Olive oil. Vet RX is a great product for respiratory issues in poultry.

If your chickens are experiencing severe respiratory symptoms, please consult your vet,