Spring/Summer Nest box blend


This is a wonderful aromatic, insect repelling and overall health boosting, beneficial blend of nest box herbs especially created for fall & winter. Sprinkle a teaspoon or so in nest boxes and on coop floor

Nesting herbs chosen for their natural properties!

New especially for the warmer months. This wonderful blend of organic aromatic herbs and edible flowers is specially created to keep your nesting boxes insect and rodent-free and also provide calming and other health benefits to your hens. Plus it will make your coop smell wonderful.


Nesting Herbs are chosen for their natural properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic, and are created to be added directly to the nesting or coop bedding (typically straw, hay, or shavings). Refresh every few days

Seasonal ingredients may include: Subject to availability, Chamomile Lemon grass, basil, dill, catnip, lavender, calendula, Bay leaves

DIRECTIONS: Sprinkle a small handful of herbs all around the nesting box. As the hens scratch around the make their nests, the aromatherapy benefits of the herbs will be released. Refresh the herbs as needed!

Sizes, Small approximately 4 OZ, Med 6 OZ. Herbs are naturally lightweight

As many organic herbs as possible are used.