Tea for chickens


Tea for chickens? Sounds crazy right? But my girls love it! it's so simple to make and baby chicks can benefit too.

Why Tea? It has many health benefits including building healthy immune systems, improving respiratory health, improving egg quality, extra hydration, etc.

Benefits of Tea​:


Helps to lower stress and calming effects, The cooled tea is also very soothing when used as a wash for inflamed skin​


Helps to flush out toxins, blood cleanser, helpful for adjusting to season change​


Excellent for diarrhea and upper respiratory conditions.​


Provides and easily assimilated form of Vitamin C, Rosehips stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Rosehips are also very beneficial for Arthritis pain​.


Love it's fresh woody fragrance, and it is also responsible for assisting with pain relief and enhancing respiratory health in your girls. It's also a great natural insecticide, so will help repel any pesky insects that hang around your coop.

This summer has been so brutal in Colorado, extreme heat, drought, and now fires that cloud the skies with smoke and ash. I needed to make a blend to support the hens respiratory health. And since I've had many requests for a respiratory blend I've put it up for sale :)

Also new, fall/winter brew  contains herbs to support health in cold weather, Rosemary, Basil, Dill, chamomile

How to Make: Serve warm on cool days or freeze in summer as ice cubes and give as a treat. It really encourages them to stay hydrated. Add a teaspoon of local or organic honey to boost health benefits even more.

Choose your flavor  1/4 LB bag