Rosie Nest~Herbs for chicken coops


This wonderful blend of organic aromatic herbs and edible flowers is specially created to keep your nesting boxes insect and rodent-free and also provide calming and other health benefits to your hens. Plus it will make your coop smell wonderful.

Does your chicken coop smell like a barn? Give your hens (and yourself) a breath of fresh air with Rosie Nest Herbs for chicken coops! This aromatic blend of organic herbs and edible flowers transforms your coop into a relaxing spa-like haven for hens.

  • Repels insects, rodents, and bad odors naturally
  • Soothes and reduces stress in laying hens
  • Made with 100% organic ingredients
  • Provides health benefits from herbal properties
  • Makes coops smell fresh and pleasant

Treat your hard-working hens to the spa-like experience they deserve! Rosie Nest Herbs improve coop conditions to support hen health and egg production. The natural botanical ingredients create an environment that deters pests and calms nervous birds. Your feathered ladies will thank you!

Bring harmony to your flock with Rosie Nest Herbs! This thoughtful product keeps coops clean, comfortable and smelling like a garden. Your hens will feel pampered in their relaxing herb-infused home.

Ingredients: Subject to availability,

rosemary, lemon grass, basil, lavender, peppermint, and roses among other beneficial herbs. Nesting Herbs are chosen for their natural properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic, and are created to be added directly to the nesting or coop bedding (typically straw, hay, or shavings). Refresh every few days.


Sizes, Small approximately 4 OZ, Med 6 OZ. Herbs are naturally lightweight


Directions: Sprinkle liberally in nesting areas and on the coop floor during regular cleanings or any time freshening up is needed. A little goes a long way