Clucky Delights for baby chicks


Introducing our delectable Treat Blend for Baby Chicks, carefully crafted to provide your young feathered friends with a nutritious and flavorful snack. Bursting with goodness, our blend features a delightful mix of peppermint, spearmint, chickweed, parsley, millet, mealworms, cinnamon, and a hint of molasses, offering a tantalizing combination of taste and health benefits. Each ingredient is selected to support the growth and development of your chicks, providing essential nutrients and promoting their overall well-being. Whether used as a reward during training or simply as a daily treat, our Treat Blend for Baby Chicks is sure to be a feathered favorite, ensuring happy and healthy chicks from day one. 3 weeks and up


Directions: Add approx 1 Tablespoon to daily feed, be sure to give grit free choice as well

Ingredients, peppermint, spearmint, chickweed, parsley, millet, mealworms, cinnamon, molasses


4 OZ